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Me and my boyfriend, Greg Waldo watched this Aurora while cooking salmon on the side of the highway in Iceland! The Icelandic people said it was one of the best displays they had ever seen! It felt like a presence above you and that it was raining down on you. Its an experience everyone must have!


I’ve been dying to share some of these behind the scenes photos with @heathermcgrath & @wolfmoonflesh !!! Official opening tomorrow night at #fourthwallgallery #streetdiamonds2 be square & go there!!

Me shooting Accalia last summer. 

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From a series of images for Earthship Biotexture in Taos New Mexico. They make off the grid houses made out of recycled materials. The walls are made from tires, bottles, cans, and encased in cement as you can see them building in the photo. You can watch a documentary on the head architect Michael Reynolds here. This image has been printed in Above Magazine out of the UK.

I'd love to know when it's finished! Definitely sounds like a work of art worth purchasing!

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Thank you so much! Im putting my all into this :) I do commercial photography but I want to do more story lines in my personal work. It will be a magazine in the end for purchase.

I absolutely love your photos! Wonderful!

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Thank you very much! :)